About Obsidian

We are a full service, global Group delivering exceptional healthcare communications and non-promotional medical education with a more personal, service-orientated and ethical approach through our two firewalled divisions, Elements Communications and Connect2 CME.

"Our people, clients and sponsors are at the core of everything we do… … because the way you achieve success matters"

Two routes to exceptional medical education

Elements Communications

An industry-leading, global medical communications agency that delivers a first-class, full-service offering and is proud to be different. Our talented multi-functional teams have over 20 years’ experience in managing and delivering global medical education programmes and this passion for high quality strategic insight and scientific excellence is at the heart of Elements' core offering. Our highly experienced and qualified teams include experts in strategic solutions, project management, writing and editorial, and digital activities. With offices in Kent and London, Elements prides itself on its personal service mentality and ‘boutique’ approach – we think an agency can be run differently and that the way you achieve success matters.

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Connect2 CME

An industry-leading company providing the interface between healthcare professionals and their independent medical education needs, including those fulfilling specific continuing medical education (CME) requirements. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced teams specialise in design and delivery of exceptional, engaging and enduring independent educational programmes, and in supporting the delivery of high quality publications to improve medical knowledge, influence clinical practice and, ultimately, to improve health outcomes and standards of patient care.
Connect2 CME is a member of the Good CME Practice Group.

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The way we achieve success matters...

Companies come in different shapes and sizes – but in the Obsidian Healthcare Group we believe our offering is truly unique. We were born out of a simple, single-minded vision – to be the best at what we do – and are run very differently – for our people, our clients and sponsors, and, ultimately, for the advancement of patient care, not for shareholders!
So, whether you are a client or sponsor looking for a premium quality, full-service offering with a more personal service-orientated and ethical approach, or a potential employee looking for a more fulfilling and rewarding career within a thriving, industry-leading Group…

…we’re glad you’ve found us!

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