About us

Obsidian Healthcare Group is a full service, global healthcare communications Group with two distinct firewalled divisions, allowing it to deliver both collaboratively sponsored medical communications activities and independent ‘arms-length’ medical education and continuing medical education (CME) programmes across the globe.
The two divisions – Elements Communications and Connect2 CME – are both independent, full service providers and leaders in their respective fields, delivering to very exacting standards while maintaining a personalised, ethical and flexible approach.

Elements Communications is an industry-leading, independent global medical communications agency, supporting Pharma and Healthcare companies in support and delivery of their collaborative medical education needs.
With a focus on the synergy between strategic insight and scientific excellence, together with innovative multi-channel delivery, our teams within Elements ensure they always go the extra mile to meet the objectives for our clients, healthcare professionals, and their patients.

Connect2 CME provides the interface between healthcare professionals and their independent medical education needs, including those fulfilling specific continuing medical education (CME) requirements. As a member of the Good CME Practice Group, Connect2 CME works at the forefront of both scientific and compliance rigour, and our programmes not only deliver on their educational objectives, but also have a proven impact on clinical practice and patient care.

“Our ethos underpins all aspects of our unique ‘boutique’ approach to business”